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Thanks for registering for the 2022 Online World YoYo Contest! If you’re ready to upload your routine, please start the upload process. 

If you are not yet ready to upload, please bookmark this page and return later when you are ready.


Before you upload your video, please make sure your video meets ALL of the following requirements.
1. Landscape (Horizontal) and high-resolution
4. Video includes at least 5 seconds before the music starts and 5 seconds after the music ends.
5. Video does not have any editing or added graphics. (Except AP Division)
6. Video does not show anybody else and does not have any copyrighted designs/marks in the background.
7. Camera is on a tripod or stand (It can not be held by someone. It should not be moving or shaking.) (Except AP Division)
8. You have never posted the video on your account or any SNS before, and you will never post it either. Your video needs to be exclusively for this contest (The test video you upload for testing purposes must be set as private).
If one/any of the requirements above is not met with your video, we may ask you to re-film and re-upload.

Link to Upload


You can upload your video only once per division. No re-submission allowed unless we ask for.
Please make sure your uploading video is your best version and it is final.

We can accept the following file formats: .mov,.mp4, .wmv, .avi. 

Please make sure your file is named like this: firstname_lastname_division_prelim

Please click the appropriate button below to select your file and begin your upload.
If your country blocks Dropbox service, and you cannot upload your video from the link below, please contact us.