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A new kind of Worlds

The Online World YoYo Contest is a new kind of event, produced by the International YoYo Federation. Not intended to take the place of an in-person World YoYo Contest, we have chosen to develop this new event to bridge the gap as the world struggles to get COVID-19 under control. The goal is to provide yoyo players with another outlet for their skill and creativity during a time when we cannot safely have an in-person World event. Once it is safe to hold an in-person World YoYo Contest, this event will continue as an additional seeding event, as well as a way for players who cannot afford to travel to have a way to participate, hone their skills, and possibly win a trip to the World YoYo Contest. 

WhenThe 2022 Online World YoYo Contest will run from September 1st to November 10th. See the timeline below for schedule.

Contest Timeline